COVID-19 Updates

If you are a victim of domestic violence, please call Long Island Against Domestic Violence for assistance.



During these daunting times, with a health crisis looming and an uncertainty existing in the stock market, we understand the anxiety that may be mounting for you and your family. If you and your spouse or partner are in conflict and contemplating divorce or separation, know that we are here for you. With most of the New York courts slowly reopening and trying to manage the backlog of divorce cases, the Long Island Collaborative Divorce Professionals are still here to offer you an alternative solution. The issues in your marriage can be identified and settled completely outside of the court system, while still protecting the interests of your family. Once an agreement is reached, we can file the divorce action can be finalized electronically ad you never have to go to court. And all of this can still be done while adhering to the social distancing policies that have been mandated by New York State. Please reach out to any member of the Long Island Collaborative Divorce Professionals or send a message to us below for more information. We are committed to assisting you now more than ever.    

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